Monday, July 2, 2018

How to Avoid Visible Panty Lines

Don't let your panties give you a bubble butt; there are a half-dozen ways to avoid unsightly underwear lines.


Step 1 Choose color wisely
Consider the color. Strong colors or patterns show through light-colored fabric. If your pants are white, wear panties that match your skin tone.
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Step 2 Try a seamless undies
Seamless styles will not only help prevent visible underwear lines, they'll also be gentler on your skin and fits like second skin.
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Step 3 Try a thong
Be sure to check out the rear view when you sit or squat; those positions tend to expose half the thong if you’re wearing low-riders.

Step 4 Test-drive microfiber panties
Test-drive panties made of paper-thin microfiber, a light, stretchy material that eliminates bulging.

Step 5 Pull on boy-leg briefs
Pull on a pair of boy-leg briefs. The longer leg will eliminate panty lines that cut across the butt. But if your pants are tight, the edges still may show.

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