Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Going to Electric Zoo? 6 Picks on What to Pack

Going to Electric Zoo? aPure's 6 Picks on What to Pack
Dress to impress with these 6 staples for Electric Zoo 2018!

aPure Introduce the Tips in Step with Balance

Electric Zoo Festival, one of the year’s wildest electronic music weekend is coming! What do you plan to wear all weekend long for a concert that shifts from day to night? Here’re 6 things you shouldn't leave home alone.

Rave Wear is mandatory. Opt for neon racing stripes, LED glittered cowboy hats, or animal costumes. Dress to IMPRESS is the only dress code. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Back-to-School Beauty Checklist: 8 Products You Need to Buy Now!

Have you started back-to-school shopping? Is it a nightmare to you?

Follow the beauty-wise plan, you'll save money and refrain from buying items you don't really need. Recommended 8 beauty staples shall keep you looking good from that early class until finally into bed.