Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Going to Electric Zoo? 6 Picks on What to Pack

Going to Electric Zoo? aPure's 6 Picks on What to Pack
Dress to impress with these 6 staples for Electric Zoo 2018!

aPure Introduce the Tips in Step with Balance

Electric Zoo Festival, one of the year’s wildest electronic music weekend is coming! What do you plan to wear all weekend long for a concert that shifts from day to night? Here’re 6 things you shouldn't leave home alone.

Rave Wear is mandatory. Opt for neon racing stripes, LED glittered cowboy hats, or animal costumes. Dress to IMPRESS is the only dress code. 

Tip: Here’s Costume Guide via Ramdon Design.

Sunglasses – No electro festival is complete without a pair of quirky glasses.

Hat –An umbrella for your head! Ever had your scalp sunburned?

Sunscreen – You’re going to get toasted without applying frequently your sunscreen at least every 2 hours.

A blanket or towel to sit on, so you can make use of the site’s green grass.

6-in-1 underwear – multiple & amazing functions wholly fulfill your travel underwear requirements: 

✔ Easily Clean & Quickest Drying
Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear combines the features of TENCEL™ from Austria and the Japanese imported weak acid fiber Acrylate by blending into a single yarn. Stains are not easily absorbed by the fiber. It is easy to wash and clean, takes less than 4 hours to get completely dry.

✔ Odor Eliminating
Keeps your butt in a weakly acidic environment, maintains an ideal balance of good & bad bacteria. It can rid of the offensive and embarrassing odors.

✔ Elastic & Durable
“20 Danny Superfine Elastic Fiber” is resistant to chlorine in tap water and UV. Covering yarn and twisting techniques that contribute longevity.

✔ Best Color Retention
Grade 4 colorfastness proves excellent color vibrancy, retention and healthy to skin. (Colorfastness is graded from 1-5. The higher the number, the better the grade.)  

We are excited to announce the Pure5.5 are available now on Amazon. Order today!

 aPure pH Balancing Underwear Classic Hipster           aPure pH Balancing Underwear Classic Brief

About Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear
aPure's Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear might be the Most Elaborate Undies. As per our spirit "Enjoy a Pure Life", to surround your intimate skin with the natural material and provide best care, aPure use up to 50% of Austria TENCEL™ and high percentage of Acrylate from Japan. Features Skin pH Balancing, Quick-Dry, Excellent Color Retention, Thermal Regulation and Unfavorable for bacterial growth. Full series are designed for long-lasting softness, which also boasts of intense durability. 

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Marketing : Victoria
Sales/Distribution: Jeannie

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