Monday, October 15, 2018

Underwear 101 - 5 Big NO's Underwear Literally Save Your Butt

aPure Pure55 5 Big NO's Underwear

aPure’s Calling - #GetInMyBalance

Ladies, remember how it feels like and the sheer attention when your underwear gives you an unexpected wedgie in public? Ever experienced the awkward when you were in the middle of something and suddenly found the stains on the undies?

Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear has simple but important “5 Big NO’s” motto, No Smell, No Stains, No Bother, No Harm, and No Pollution . Those summarize high quality, essentially all that needed to make a perfect panty and aim to save your butt & intimate skin.

No Smell
Pure5.5 keeps your butt in a weakly acidic environment, maintains a healthy balance of good & bad bacteria so it can get rid of the most offensive and embarrassing odors.

No Stains
Pure5.5 combines the features of TENCEL™ from Austria, the Japanese Hydrophilic Weak Acid Fiber and rayon by blending into a single high-count yarn. With the compact & dense surface and long fibers, stains are not easily absorbed by the fiber. Easy to wash, clean and dry.

No Bother
Pure5.5 provides good humidity release and immense breathability, enhances secretion of discharge to keep intimate parts away from bad bacteria, soft and delicate to skin.

No Harm
Pure5.5 has Grade 4 colorfastness to prove excellent color vibrancy, retention and healthy to skin. (Colorfastness is graded from 1-5, the higher the number, the better the grade.)

No Pollution
Detergents do harm to the underwear or the environment more or less. Pure5.5 has botanic origin and it’s bio-degradable. It needs no detergent most of the time since it can be cleaned simply by water.

We are excited to announce the Pure 5.5 pH Balancing Underwear are available now on Amazon. Order today!

 aPure pH Balancing Underwear Classic Hipster           aPure pH Balancing Underwear Classic Brief

About Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear
aPure's Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear might be the Most Elaborate Undies. As per our spirit "Enjoy a Pure Life", to surround your intimate skin with the natural material and provide best care, aPure use up to 50% of Austria TENCEL™ and high percentage of Acrylate from Japan. Features Skin pH Balancing, Quick-Dry, Excellent Color Retention, Thermal Regulation and Unfavorable for bacterial growth. Full series are designed for long-lasting softness, which also boasts of intense durability.

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Marketing : Victoria
Sales/Distribution: Jeannie

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